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Rain gutter systems are essential to many homes and commercial buildings; without them, your structure may be at risk to water damage and flooding. Superior Roof Metals is prepared to be your go-to metal gutter supplier in the San Jose, California area. We believe that metal is the superior gutter material to wood and vinyl. Metals such as aluminum and galvanized require very little maintenance and will not rust or rot. You may also consider choosing a copper rain gutter system to add an eye-catching element to your project. The color will take on a rich brown shade after a few months and eventually, after a few decades, it will develop a beautiful blue-green patina. Don’t see any styles that stick out? We offer custom rain gutter systems to fit your design. If you can draw it, we can make it!

OG (K Style)


Curved Fascia


Half Round

Custom Gutter 

Gutter Accessories


End Caps


Downspout Brackets



Guards & Strainers





Coil / Flat Stock

We offer the following material types:

  • Aluminum (Pre-painted)

  • Bonderized

  • Copper

  • Corten

  • Galvalume

• Galvanized

• Kynar

• Stainless Steel

• Steel (Pre-painted)

• Zinc

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